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                        Research the change of all things, pioneering far, with Qianqiu culture, established a hundred years of foundation. We take "diligence, frugality, pragmatism and innovation" as the core values, and "Let employees be happy, let customers be moved, let society respect, and let the motherland rest assured" as the vision. Actively organize the company to learn Chinese culture, enrich employees with classics, perceive the world with the upward cultural power of good, ceasing blood, and constantly seek the two-way happiness of employees' material and spirit, so that science and technology and culture can join hands to write the cultural connotation of enterprise development.

                        Based on a new starting point, define a new height. Looking forward to the future, our original heart has not changed, high morale, determined to fight for 3 to 5 years, to achieve an output value of more than 3 to 5 billion, with professional ability to achieve a great future, with scientific and technological exploration to promote world development!


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