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                        What is triethyl phosphate TEP

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                        Chemical name: triethyl phosphate

                        English abbreviation: TEP

                        Molecular formula: C6H15O4P

                        Molecular weight: 82

                        CAS number: 78-40-0

                        Physical and chemical properties:

                        TEP, chemical name triethyl phosphate, colorless transparent liquid, soluble in water, but also soluble in ethanol, benzene, aromatics, esters, chloroform and other organic solutions.

                        Product use:

                        The main uses are high boiling point solvents, plasticizers for rubber and plastics, which can be used as halogen-free flame retardants, and also used as raw materials for preparing pesticide insecticides and ethylating reagents.

                        Main indicators:

                        Packing, storage and transportation:

                        200kg/220kg galvanized drum, 1000kg / 1100kg IBC, 25 tons tank.


                        1. Avoid inhaling steam and mist droplets when using.

                        2. Avoid splashing into eyes, do not come into contact with skin and clothing.

                        3. Do not touch the skin for a long time or many times.

                        4. Keep the container of the product sealed and try to avoid too much contact with moisture.

                        5. The use place should be well ventilated. Wash off with soapy water after contact with skin.

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