Flame retardants division:

                        +86-13812233176(Manager Jiang)

                        +86-18156150062(Manager Sheng)

                        Blowing agent division:

                        +86-18156150062(Manager Sheng)

                        Surface activity division:

                        +86-18936052698(Manager Xu)

                        +86-17706153456(Manager Zhou)

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                        Chairman's hotline:+86-0561-7979966 / +86-18156150062(Manager Sheng)

                        Sales hotline:+86-0510-87655898 / +86-0561-7888202

                        Enterprise address:No. 1 New Coal chemical synthetic Material Base, Huaibei City, Anhui Province

                        Enterprise mailbox:runyue@runyue-tech.com

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