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                        About us

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                        About us

                        About us

                        If you are interested in our services or products, you can contact us directly and look forward to working with you

                        Enterprise spiritDiligent, frugal, pragmatic and innovative

                        Business philosophyImprove the heart, expand the business, and seek the material and spiritual happiness of employees, and make our due contributions to the progress of the flame retardant, surfactant, and H blowing agent industry

                        Corporate visionLet employees happy, let customers moved, let society respect, let the motherland rest assured

                        Five faces of corporate philosophy

                        Face family relations

                        1, all good filial piety first

                        2、A good family will have more than qing, and a poor family will have more than seedling

                        3、Home is a place for love, not reason

                        4、Growing up is the only way to change your family

                        5、To the elders, we should nurture both our health and our hearts

                        Customer-facing relationship

                        1、To respect others is to respect oneself, and to achieve others is to achieve oneself

                        2、Trust is responsibility

                        3、Sincerity is greater than any skill

                        4、Customers with interests at heart

                        5、Make every arrival of customers a happy expectation

                        Face government relations

                        1、Abide by laws and regulations, and resonate with the motherland

                        2、Understand the policy, polite and disciplined, law-abiding business, according to the rules

                        3、Concentric with the party, with the same frequency, strong state I

                        4、Willing to pay, dare to contribute

                        5、The motherland is the people who love us as much as our parents, and also the people who want us best

                        Facing senior employees

                        1、Struggle makes ordinary shine

                        2、Enterprises do not have stupid employees, employing the best

                        3、Character first, suffer losses and endure hard work

                        4、Body first enough to rate people, measure wide enough to get people, law has been enough to convince people, pour money enough to gather people

                        5、Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees

                        Face the partner

                        1、We share weal and woe together

                        2、With a rigorous, careful and meticulous attitude, work strictly according to standards

                        3、We are a community of shared future

                        4、Fairness and justice, win-win cooperation

                        5、Seek win-win results through consultation and joint learning

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